Kennett’s Allan Falcoff seeks re-election

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Incumbent argues his experience and continuing current course best bet for township’s future

[EDITOR’S NOTE:] This is the second of a series of stories about local candidates running for election this November. Falcoffs’ opponent, Scudder Stevens, was profiled yesterday.

By P.J. D’Annunzio, Staff Writer,

Allan Falcoff

KENNETT — Despite the autumn chill in the air, things are beginning to heat up; specifically in the realm of Kennett Township politics.

Board of Supervisors Chairperson incumbent Allan Falcoff is getting ready to face off against opponent Scudder Stevens— who is running to oust him from the station he has held since 2006—and explains why he is confident that this contest will result in his favor.

“My background has shown that I have the capability to work in this environment,” he said, “My engineering background has assisted in the development of the area and I enjoy working with people.”

Falcoff, whose degrees including a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and a Masters of Science degree in Administration from George Washington University, was an employee for the DuPont Company for 33 years.

After retiring from his career at DuPont, Falcoff became active in Kennett Township politics circa 2003 when he joined the Township Safety Committee. He later enlisted in the Zoning Hearing Board in 2005 until he was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2006.

Falcoff believes he has been an asset to the township in many ways, however, he considers one instance in particular to be his crowning achievement:

“My biggest achievement has instituting the accident reporting system. This has allowed us to implement major improvements on local roads,” he said,  “It has allowed us to beat PennDOT over the head to get improvements on state roads and on township roads and it helps to pinpoint exactly where our problem areas are. Probably the most important thing we’ve ever done.”

The incumbent’s focus on road safety and upkeep will continue to be of considerable importance should he be re-elected.

“The one area that we’re going to be getting into in the future is redevelopment of the Ways Lane area: it’s a totally underutilized area within the center of the township, close to the borough. It doesn’t even have a road that people can travel on; the post office can’t deliver mail to it. There’s a thrust by the county to optimize the use of a corridor from the township to the borough grounded by the bypass on US-1…we want to support the county and the county redevelopment people,” Falcoff said.

This is a project that depends greatly on the continuation of his governance.

Of his rival, Falcoff was asked if there was any aspect at all in which Stevens would benefit the township by Board of Supervisors:

“No. I can’t think of a single thing,” he responded.

Falcoff is confident that what’s best for the township is the same formula of administration that he has been utilizing for the past several years; not a change in leadership.

“My platform is to continue what I’ve been doing,” he said, “My strongest suit over the last six years has been to bring people together; to try to get people that have issues and controversies with the townships and/or each other together. I think I’ve done a fairly decent job of trying to reach compromise solutions that every one can live with… I don’t think I’ll do anything differently. I think my work over the years has been quite notable.”

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