Dirty hair, don’t care

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By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

Looooove that summer is finally here! Hate, hate, hate what this season does to my mane. Are you a Friends fan? Remember the episode where Monica is in Barbados and her hair gets larger with each passing minute? That’s me. Click on the link to watch (and to feel my pain): http://bit.ly/2t6FIvJ

Styling my tresses in high heat and humidity takes super human strength. No need for the gym. My biceps get an Iron Man caliber workout just holding the hair dryer and round brush for thirty minutes. EXHAUSTING. It really makes washing my hair a traumatic experience. Therefore, when I read a blog post about two beauty editors who took a Dirty Hair Challenge, I was intrigued. These women went ONE WHOLE WEEK without washing their hair. Read here: http://bit.ly/2t6HjRR


I mean, for me, going three consecutive days has been my limit. My hair doesn’t get greasy. It is so dry and coarse that it more resembles a Brillo pad than an oil slick. (Sounds attractive doesn’t it?) To be honest, I workout and sweat like crazy, too. My routine is to pile my hair on top of my head, get a shower, soap around my hairline, get out, quickly blow-dry my sweaty scalp (gross, I agree), and then spray generously with dry shampoo.

{Image courtesy of Elite Daily}

Have you stopped reading?

By Day 3 I am convinced that a bird could be nesting at the nape of my neck and I wouldn’t know. BUT, I will admit that since I started waiting in between washing, my hair does not feel as dry and damaged as it did with a daily scrub.

Women who use dry shampoo will tell you that second day hair is typically the best. Your natural oils do help to create volume and style holding power. However, getting to Day 5 has got to be rough.

My competitive juices are flowing.

Who out there will commit to the challenge with me?

I think to prepare effectively, we need to be armed with some creative hairstyle ideas (top knots, side braids, pony tail options). That’s what Pinterest is for. If you type “Dirty Hair” into the search bar, there are endless suggestions. Clearly we aren’t the only fools willing to take the risk!

That’s something, right?

I am going to start my week on July 1st. The current, long-range forecast is predicting 93 degrees and thunderstorms. Optimal Bad-Hair-Day conditions. Thumbs up.

Comment below if you are taking part.

I will document my journey and report back.

Happy Weekend!

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