12 charged in New Garden murders

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New Garden Police spearhead a multi-agency arrest of twelve suspects in connection to gang-related murders

By P.J. D’Annunzio, Staff Writer, KennettTimes.com

NEW GARDEN — Small towns are not immune to urban, gang-style crimes as evidenced by the murders of Cuahuctemoc Bedolla, 27, and Jose Rodriguez, 29 at an Avondale party last December.

After an extensive investigation by State Police, County Detectives, Federal Marshalls, various local municipal police, spearheaded by township’s police department, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced charges against 12 individuals he said had a role in the brutal attacks.

“The attack pulled by the [suspects] was a coordinated, pre-planned ambush,” Hogan said. “They split themselves in two groups and pinned the victims between them. The majority of these defendants were armed with deadly weapons—the victims were unarmed.”

The suspects were apprehended in an early morning raid on last Monday. They were named as Manuel “Mongo” Mora, Junior Lopez, Jorge “Borrea” Ramirez, Fabian Cortez, Rafael “Rafa” Lopez, Edwin “Burril” Romero, Cristian “Snoopy” Eumana, Orlando “Pitufo” Diaz and Stephen Andrew Daddezio. Three minors involved in the attack were also arrested.

Suspects were charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and several lesser charges.

“This is a homegrown collective of individuals who have adopted the moniker of Sur-13.” New Garden Police Chief Gerald Simpson said. “The Vikings gang [of which the victims were members] is also a homegrown gang that originated around 2000 for the purpose of protection against Sur-13. National connections and underlying criminal activity are yet unknown and is being investigated.”

New Garden Township was the lead investigative body involved in the matter. The township was assisted by 43 officers from seven agencies spanning from the local to national level. Their duties were as follows:

1. Chester County Detectives Office

        a. Interviews and Evidence Processing/Collection
        b. Prisoner Round-up

2. Kennett Square Borough Police Department
        a. Spanish Translation, Intel sharing and site security for the victims' funeral &
viewing services
        b. Prisoner Round-up

3. Pennsylvania State Police
        a. Interviews 
        b. Prisoner Round-up

4. Chester County Sheriff's Office
        a. Site Security for the Victims' Funeral/Viewing Services
        b. Prisoner Round-up

5.  US Marshall's Fugitive Task Force
        a. Prisoner Round-up

6. Homeland Security Investigations
        a. Prisoner Round-up

7. Delaware State Police
        a. Intel Sharing

8. New Castle County Police 
        a. Intel Sharing

9. West Grove Borough Police Department
        a. Intel Sharing

Though the arrests signal a major victory for local law enforcement, Simpson claims there is work yet to be done. Mexican gang violence in the area has been on the rise in recent years and has shown no signs of dissipating.

DA Hogan has vowed that gang related violence in the area will not be tolerated and will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

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