Teen pleads guilty to gang-related homicides

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Police said rival gangs often mark their territory with graffiti.

Plea agreement results in prison sentence of 11 to 22 years 

By Kathleen Brady Shea, Managing Editor, The Times

A 19-year-old Delaware resident admitted his role Monday in the gang-related double murder that occurred nearly a year ago in New Garden Township.

Cristian Eumana, 19, of Greenville, Del., pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree murder and one count of criminal conspiracy to commit third-degree murder. As part of a plea agreement negotiated by Assistant District Attorney Andrea Cardamone and defense attorneys Howard H. Brown and William C. Reil, Eumana was sentenced to  11 to 22 years in state prison followed by  six years of  probation.

Eumana admitted being a member of the Sur-13s, also known as the Surenos. According to police, a group of Surenos  stopped by a New Garden bonfire party on Dec. 3, 2011, and were asked to leave because members of the rival Viking gang were present. The Surenos left but returned with more members and weapons, police said. Eumana was one of 12 defendants charged with the fatal stabbings of Cuahuctemoc Bedolla, 27, and Jose Rodriguez, 29.

The homicides prompted local law-enforcement to work with legislators to enact anti-gang legislation that was signed into law last month. Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said he believes the law will help deter gang activity and the violence .
Hogan said the law makes it a crime to recruit people into criminal gangs, with an increased penalty depending on the level of force used.  Using threats or intimidation is a misdemeanor, while causing injury to recruit for a criminal gang is a felony.  The grading of the crime increases if the victim is a juvenile.  The bill also adds sentencing enhancements for gang-related crimes, Hogan said.



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