Mixed Media: Keeping up with the Main Line Art Center

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By Caroline Roosevelt, Columnist, The Times

I hope you had the opportunity to tune in to WCHE 1520AM on Wednesday when I interviewed the new Executive Director for the  Main Line Arts Center, Thomas Scurto-Davis for Art Watch.

In preparation for any interview, I write out a script that I follow which contains a series of questions peppered with some fun tidbits I like to add for authenticity, like some verbal elbow nudges etc. I write more material than I need in case I interview a very quiet hermit, or someone who has laryngitis. You never know what’s in the cards. I would hope that any interviewee would let me know ahead of time that they don’t like speaking, or they’re shy, etc. so that I can prepare, but paradoxically, they probably won’t be the type to give me a heads up. So I have my notes.

Thomas Scurto-Davis was a delight to interview, and I truly do hope you had the opportunity to listen to our episode as it ended up focusing on an unexpected theme (the best interviews do this!) While we obviously discussed his new role, and community based aspirations for Main Line Arts Center, one of the topics we visited and revisited during the interview was the relationship between art and social media which was surprisingly not really planned, but perfectly segues into Mainline’s upcoming exhibition, “Beyond the Screen” which opens September 6th.

Adam Chau’s iPhone

The exhibition, which was curated in house by Main Line Art Center’s Curator of Exhibitions, Chelsea Markowitz, explores the idea of online social presence and the separation of our humanity from the screen. The show features artists Adam Chau (created inert renderings of Apple products that will make you feel like you’re in an episode of Black Mirror), Nancy Daly (who made a fascinating papercut “motherboard” installation) and Dawn Kramlich (installed some beautiful text art sculptures). The Artist Talk will be held on September 14 from 5:30 – 6:30 with a reception to follow. I’ll remind you again, as it’s a little far out.

Three Bathers by Douglas Giebel.

Delaware Contemporary’s exhibition, “The Figure: The Indicative and The Elusive,” will come to a close on August 26. Go check it out now before it’s gone. This show explores the traditional, yet never traditional, theme of the human figure and features Tara Booth, Gina Bosworth, Katee Boyle, Moe Brooker, Ellen Durkan, Douglas Giebel, Bruce Herman, Tendai Johnson, Alex Kanevsky, Ken Mabrey, Michael Jones McKean, David Page, Lydia Panas, Lynda Schmid, Noel Sylvester, Stephen Tanis, Brad Vanneman, Vicki Vinton, Christina A. West, Peter Williams, Simone Welsh, and Carson Zullinger.

Up now at Square Pear Gallery in Kennett Square, PA is the “Colors of Summer” exhibition which will run through August. This show features the warm vibrant colorscapes and blossoming florals. Stop by and check out work by participating artists: Patricia Walkar, Matiko Mamaladze, Parnaos Surabischwili, Lauren Litwa, Dave Eldreth, Lidia Kohutiak, Ann Guidera-Matey, Kathryn E. Noska and Helen Springer.

Short notice, but tonight, POP BY Oddity Bar’s “Oddball Art Hall” starting at 7pm. This one night event features local emerging artists from the DE/PA region. This show includes, but is not limited to some Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD) alums, among other fresh new faces. I’ll be there representing Pop Up Art KSQ (as well as peddling some of my own illustrations as well). If you like a funky atmosphere with guaranteed good vinyl spinning (last time it was of the new romantics and post punk persuasion…my personal favorites), then stop by tonight!

Next Wednesday (August 22),  tune in for Art Watch on WCHE 1520AM from 1-1:30pm when I host Kennett based illustrator, April Heather. Until next time!

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