Mixed media: A few closings, and openings in local arts shows

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By Caroline Roosevelt, Columnist, The Times

We’ve got a few shows that just opened, or are about to open, but first, here’s what’s ending.

Art Trust’s current mixed media exhibition, “Mixed,” will end September 28. Join them for their artist talk on September 27th from 7 – 8pm. Sharon Bartmann, Jennifer Hartz, and Jim Roberts will discuss their work and there will be some time before and after to mingle.

A work by Dawn Kramlich.

Main Line Arts Center’s exhibition, “Beyond The Screen,” opened on September 8th. I discussed this show a few weeks ago after interviewing Main Line Art Center’s Executive Director, Thomas Scurto Davis for Art Watch Radio. This show explores the human/technology relationship, and how social media affects our true identity. Featuring artists, Nancy Daly, Dawn Kramlich, and Adam Chau, this topic is explored through three unique perspectives. Enjoy it before it ends on October 21.

A work by Kathleen Field

Next, Wayne Art Center is currently hosting an exhibition of Kathleen Field’s pastels. Kathleen Field is remembered as a fascinating character, known for her art patronage, extravagant parties, and exquisite taste. She has even donated some of her personal belongings to the costume wing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition to living lavishly, she also created her own pastel work. Her pieces, full of deliberate and bold strokes of bright pastel, focus on botanicals and landscapes. Her discerning eye as an art collector radiated from her own artistic ability and endeavors. Kathleen Field’s work is on display through October 6.

A work by Darla Jackson

This Friday, Oxford Art Alliance will host “4x3d” which will feature work by Dennis Beach, Darla Jackson, Harold Kalmus and Holly Smith. Stop by for the opening reception from 5 – 8pm on Friday, September 21, or the Artist Talk on Sunday, September 23 at 1pm. This will be a strong sculpture show as each artist has their own distinct style. Harold Kalmus, participating artist and curator, creates realistic 3d portrait and figurative sculptures. Most are hydrocal plaster which he then paints over.

I recognized Darla Jackson’s name before even seeing her work. Her resume, which is outstanding and probably longer than a CVS receipt, boasts shows, awards, honors, commissions, contributions to permanent collections, and hosted lectures. I’ve been a fan of Jacksons work for over a decade so I’m thrilled that she’ll be in the area at Oxford Art Alliance. Her work, which appears playful but is actually incredibly menacing, is humorous due to that stark dichotomy. Dipping into the arena of creepy childrens’ folklore, her sculptures read like the end of a cautionary tale. “And that’s why you don’t _________!”

You may recognize Dennis Beach’s work from the permanent collection at the Delaware Art Museum. His neon colored abstract sculptures add a much needed element of levity to complete this show. I genuinely do not understand how he gets plywood to bend into circular structures, and his brightly colored edges which contrast the larger surfaces of his work, create a trompe l’oeil that keeps me coming back and making sure what I saw was real, and not imagined.

A work by Holly Smith

Holly Smith uses mixed media to create unique sculptures. An example, her piece, “Haus BauWau,” a dog, mouth open, ready to lunge, is made of brightly painted tar paper, staircase spindles, and wood and is a commentary on her time in real estate, as well as a little jab at the Bauhaus genre. Check this show out before it ends, I can’t wait to see it. Runs through October 12.

On Saturday, September 22nd, Street Road will host a walk with artist Carol Maurer from Old New Castle to Wilmington on the soon-to-be-open Jack Markell Trail. The walk is part of her interactive exhibition, Walking Forward, Looking Back. The things she collects along her walk, which she uses to explore her familial history, will be on display at Street Road throughout Fall 2018. According to Street Road website, Carol embarks on these walks, “​ to experientially confront her responsibility as a descendant of enslavers and slowly weaves into a meditation on the time, tempos, conversations and understandings walking can make space for.”  If you are interested in joining her, please email cmaurer40@hotmail.com and include a short summary about why you are interested in the walk and the dates you would like to join. Walk will start at 8:30am.

As always, tune into Art Watch Radio on WCHE 1520AM every Wednesday from 1-1:30pm. This week, Lele Galer, painter and sculptor, interviews Amie Potsic, Artist, Curator, and CEO of Amie Potsic Art Advisory. Until next time!

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