Letter: Outcomes matter

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To The Editor,

There are local school board candidates running on a platform to stop the 9-0 unanimous decision for the Avon Grove School District facilities project…..even though the project is 1.5 years underway, the result of 4 years of planning, and taxpayers have already invested millions into this project.

What would the outcome be of this reckless act to STOP a facilities project that is already UNDERWAY?

Millions of taxpayer dollars already invested in this project would be wasted! The notion of throwing away millions of taxpayers dollars under the guise of “responsible spending” is hypocritical and would be tragically ironic.

Avon Grove is a sought-after destination because of our schools. Instead, Avon Grove would become known for this “scandal.” We would be the community that elected individuals who stopped a much-needed school construction project that was already 1.5 years underway. Who would still want to move here for the schools?

We will be the only district in Chester County with significant facilities problems and homebuyers will know it. They will move to other districts that have fulfilled the responsibility to their community’s children and their schools – Oxford, Kennett, Unionville, Garnet Valley, West Chester, etc. Every local district except Avon Grove has managed to see their projects through and take care of their schools.

We will be the only district in Chester County that spent millions on a facilities project, stopped it half way through, and left generations of Avon Grove children to suffer the educational consequences.

Whether or not you agreed with this project to begin with is a moot point now. The project has started. Even after the last election, this project was supported and voted on 9-0 by the school board. Those board members who previously opposed this project came to recognize the extensive and pressing need for a comprehensive plan to address our facilities crisis. And now, a year and a half later, millions of dollars have been spent.

Now is the time to unite and see this project through with integrity and responsibility.

Outcomes matter. Vote to Re-elect Billig & Lisi (Region 2) and Engel & Wolff (Region 3) for their proven record. Support newcomer Dorothy Linn (Region 1) for her record of support for schools and fiscal responsibility.


Leslie Erb-Wallace

New London Township

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