Caln Police investigative gunfire, car, home damage

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CALN — Township Police are investigating an incident involving gun fire striking numerous cars and a home, Wednesday.

On May 5, at 11:12 p.m., Township Police were dispatched to Toth Avenue in the Brandywine Homes subdivision for a report of damage to a vehicle. Responding officers determined that the vehicle had been struck by gunfire.

Further investigation revealed that four vehicles were struck multiple times by gunfire and a home appears to have been struck by a stray bullet. Fortunately, no one was reported to have been injured.

Officers recovered ballistic evidence at the scene. Investigators were back on scene this morning canvassing the neighborhood and interviewing residents. At this time it is not known if the shooting was a random or targeted act, nor do we know the identity of the individual(s) involved.

Caln Township Police are urging anyone with information to contact the Criminal Investigation Division.

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