Letter: A discussion across the deep political divide

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To The Editor,

I was surprised to receive a knock at my door recently from Jane Donze, Republican candidate for District Judge. I am a registered Democrat. Her opponent in the November election will be Al Iacocca, Democrat.

After introductions and some opening discussion, I asked her if she agreed with me that Donald Trump should be impeached. Jane said “Yes”, but added that she didn’t think that will happen. It did make me wonder, though, what she says about Trump when she knocks on Republican doors. Is she as forthright with them about her political opinions? 

Jane then began to attack her Democratic opponent for the fall election in an effort to sway my vote. I did not appreciate the undeserved, inaccurate negativity that does not belong in a judicial race. I am aware of Iacocca’s experience as an attorney and business owner, and his long-standing service and commitment to the community. Al is engaged in several local youth development initiatives, he is a Rotarian, and he serves on a number of local boards.

Open, fact-based, cross-party dialogue will highlight key differences among all candidates as we approach the November elections in Chester County. Are we capable of narrowing the divide across the two widening “alternative universes” that separate us? Improved political discourse has a better chance of happening at the local, rather than national, level. We need a thinking electorate to hold our government officials accountable.

Dan Murphy


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  1. Jeanette Salny says:

    A candidate already going negative? Very disappointing! Though I give her credit for not leaving it to just commercials and flyers. Say what you really feel so we can vote with eyes wide open!

  2. Susan Jeffrey says:

    When you don’t have vision, and you are just running for office to get a better position, all you have to campaign on is negative dirt on your opponent. Mr Iacocca seems to be more of my idea of what a public servant should be.

  3. Wayne Braffman says:

    I had heard similar stories about Jane Donze during the primary: telling Democratic voters one thing and Republicans another. Not exactly the quality I’m looking for in a judge.

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