Letter: Donze’s experience makes the difference in DJ race

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To the Editor,  

I completely agree with Mike McGann’s recent article, Mr. Iacocca is a very nice guy and community activist but we’re looking to elect our next district justice and need to do so carefully.

As a licensed attorney and registered Democrat, I’m most concerned with putting the most qualified candidate on the bench.  Community activism should be applauded on all levels but in our district courts we need experience and a complete understanding of our complicated legal system.  

Jane Donze’s commitment to our community is also impressive but more importantly, she has dedicated her entire professional career to the practice of law and her understanding of our district court system makes it a clearer choice for me.

When Mr. Iacocca passed the bar in 2008, Mrs. Donze had already been practicing for 21years.  Our local courts are more important than many of our residents may realize and it’s hard to replace knowledge with good intent.

Leslie Mariani
East Marlborough

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  1. Ileana says:

    Then let her first DENOUNCE her National Party leader.

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